Books by John "Jack" Behrens

Typewriter Guerrillas: Closeups of 20 Top Investigative Reporters (Nelson-Hall, 1977 re-issue)

This book was published in 1976 and re-issued a year later and earned an E&P best seller list recognition when it sold thousands. It continues to have value 30 years later because of the interest in the Watergate era reporters who made the public aware of such work. Reporters such as Carl Bernstein, the late Jack Anderson, Nick Gage, Sy Hersh, Pam Zekman, Jack Nelson and others.The book offers a microscopic inside of the day-to-day reporters face and the methods they use.  The book is still available although there are limited number in stock.  Reduced price. Available now by contacting me at

The Writing Business: How to Be A Successful Magazine Writer (Steffen/1991)

Successful writers---those who make a living writing---will tell you the real keys to such work today are selling the idea, and completing interviews to get details others don’t have.  That’s why The Writing Business retains its value today.  The book features inside advice from the late Alex Haley who became the master interviewer for Playboy. He describes how he earned the trust of the late Sammy Davis Jr. and Malcolm X to relate their feelings about what motivated them and how they dealt with their fears.  This book shows you how to write query letters, to prepare the article and find necessary art(photos, illustrations).  It provides the mechanics most writers don’t think about but frequently cause them delays or loss of manuscripts ... and sales. Available now by contacting me at

The Writing Life (HomeWork/2006) gives you a special way to pursue that college or high school interest in becoming a writer.  Everyone, at sometime or another, probably considers a desire to write ... to put their creativity on paper. This book, 112 pages in a 3-ring folder, gives you easy to use pages to copy (like a model release form, sample assignments, and a mini-market) and it provides techniques, basic steps to save time while permitting you more hours for writing and editing.  There are whole sections on web sites, questions you must ask and answer and all the essentials you need to become a professional writer in the field of your choice.  Available now by contacting me at

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