Reader Feedback


Each month receives email responses to the previous months' columns. It's the place where readers can react to monthly contributions. If you want to respond contact me at Your comments are important.

Bill R from New York: I'm not sure I agree with all your opinions on our country's handling of policy and leadership - but I do like that you focus on topics and force open the need for all of us to reflect on where we stand and how we can agree to make things better.

Cindy D. from Ohio: I very much enjoyed your book on Big Bands & Ballrooms! My parents grew up in that era and it gave me a better understanding of the joy and styles of that bygone time. Thank you!

Norm from Pennsylvania: I, too, feel the need to look around the world we've inherited / created for ourselves and ask questions of what can be done to fix things. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there and keeping people asking questions. Make people THINK!

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