Hello readers,

Seasons and conditions change faster than we'd like today. It's bad enough handling birthdays. Now it's flu shots, auto license renewals and insurance policies to update.

But while you're checking, think about the people affected by the recent disastrous Hurricanes. Victims that have been impacted may still be without the luxuries we have. A decent and safe place to live, a car to drive or even the next meal.

I've been thinking about two or three agencies I trust who I've worked with and who have helped me when I was in trouble. The Red Cross (for donations of blood or funds) is most obvious. There are others, too. The Salvation Army, local food banks or soup kitchens, and virtually every religion denomination you can name is involved in assistance today. Call them or go online to find one or more.

If you can, volunteer your time to help, give what you can. The help will be needed for some time. As Americans we must share the burden. No excuses either. Regardless of how much you can do - DO SOMETHING!

We can look back at Christmas time and say we did what we could, to help.

Our friends in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and the Caribbean will thank you.

Stay safe, be cautious yet enjoy life. Have a good season and don't forget to write me with your thoughts.

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- Jack

About the Author:

A nationally known award-winning columnist with the Associated Press and a number of newspapers, Jack has written 21 books including a 1976 best seller Typewriter Guerillas (Nelson Hall). He collaborated with Roots author Alex Haley on a magazine writing textbook, and joined Tom Clancy and James Michener in discussions about writing in classes from the Far East to Central New York. Over his 55 years of editorial work, he wrote more than 15,000 articles for such periodicals as Harvard's Nieman Reports, Writer's Digest, Mankind, National Observer, Business Journal, and hundreds of others. He was a correspondent for Pacific Stars & Stripes in 1957-58.

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