Will We Learn From the Experiences of Parkland, Florida?

It's time for love, togetherness, and tears - lots of them. Emotions of life are important to comprehend the senseless shooting in the small community in Florida.

No more comments from politicians or networks reaching out to all kinds to react. With more words than we want. At times, that is as meaningless as it is insulting. Networks like politicians use emotion. We're all used to it but we become caught up in it. I can remember how photos were staged for such reasons. As a photographer I saw it in the service and later much more of it in everyday life.

Media can't always display what people really feel or mean. They try but too often it comes back as black and white as the printed photos. Some people can generate tears easily. Others offer blank faces. In the service I took loads of blank faces with names and serial numbers attached.

But some experiences I didn't expect. For example, when I served in the Korean Conflict the comments of South Korean students at a small Korean women's college about some questions I didn't expect. They had asked why Americans feel they are the ones with the right answers. They also asked why the United States is the location of the United Nations. I tried to give an American answer. But I felt my eyes gave a different response. I smiled and said "these things go to people who don't always give the answers you want." They smiled and said nothing. But I felt as many of us do, there are times when words can't express what the heart is saying.

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